Am I A Jack Of All Trades?

The likelihood is, if you’re a designer like me, coming from a background of self development learning from experiences rather than traditional education routes like College or University, you’ve found it hard developing your path as a designer. I had humble beginnings, starting my career as a designer predominantly using one piece of software, but, …

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Onboarding Made Simple

Congratulations! You’ve just had an initial conversation with a potential client. They love what you offer and you’re both eager to get to work, but should you get started right away? The simple answer, no.   Not until you’ve got your ducks in a row.   Here are some ways that I onboard clients, which …

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Keeping design files organised

Organisation admittedly doesn’t come naturally to us designers. You’re working on various projects, saving various file types, then next thing you know, the once glorious desktop wallpaper you had is no more and instead replaced with an array of “Untitled” files. If only you had SOME organisation skills to make storing client files easier, revisions …

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